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My first gaming chair !!! Worth it !!!

The chair is super comfortable, you can play for hours and you will not end up with back pain or anything, grate build quality and super fast shipping, and definitely worth the price if you’re thinking of getting a chair pick boulies for sure

Awesome chair.

Dubious of a name I've not heard but attracted by the price I read the reviews and took the plunge.

Arrived the next day (chair was in stock) and assembly was fairly straight forward. It's a big old box and weighs in at 15kg so someone more sleight may struggle move it all upon delivery.

Once assembked the chair looks good, is very comfy and of high very high quality too.

Over all I am pleased as is my 13 heard with whom I share it with.

First time for gaming chair, it is really great!!!

I use this chair for my gaming setup and it's so comfortable that whenever I lean it back all the way I end up taking an amazing nap. It is built super sturdy and is so well balanced that you can spin around effortlessly.
It's pretty awesome for the price in my opinion. I enjoyed how easy it was to put it together and how comfortable it was. Total build time was about 30ish minutes, it was simple enough and everything you need is included.

LOVE!Good Deal

Product shipped very quickly and the assembly process was very smooth and easy to understand. It’s easy to find out that the leather used in this chair is good, thought it could last long time and without any funky leather-ish smell at all. The cushion is elastic and comfy, I've been sitting on it for a month and it's still comfortable like a new one! It is much better than the chair I used before! Another practical features is that the armrest of this chair is designed adjustable , can support my arms and relax my shoulder, I appreciate it very much.

Not the best

Hard rubber arm rests which I've had to buy cushions for, and the height of the seat is lower than what I expected overall seat quality is ok see how long it lasts.