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Ninja's nice, but not blown away

Bought at the end of Sept '20. Ordered white with the bluetooth speakers but faulty with fizzing and popping from speakers; was given compensation and received quick response from customer service but disappointing and are unusable. The lumbar and head pillows are very firm and offer good support. The chair itself is comfortable but the arms do not lower enough for me; the chair doesn't quite fit under my desk. Since September the leather is very squeaky/creaky and I often receive comments during Zoom/Teams calls. So a mixed review here - not outstanding as the other reviews suggest, but yes it's comfortable.

Ninja chair with speakers

Chair is so cozy and am beyond happy with my purchase. Streamer and gamer for multiple hours and never have any pain after. Comfort of a secret labs chair with a fraction of the price. After looking for 3 days, can say I am very pleased.

Good Quality and Durable Build

This is a nice chair. It is a good quality and durable build. The speakers get pretty loud. There is a USB cable in the back pocket that powers the speakers. The instructions recommend a usb portable battery pack charger and they work fine. Also, the assembly is pretty simple.

Great gaming chair

Great quality chair. I was a little hesitant to buy it because of it didn't have reviews and was kinda pricey, but the quality on this thing is great. I bought the one without speakers because I usually use headphones to game so can't comment on that but everything else has a very premium feel, especially the arm rests. They have a bit of give that makes it comfortable for long term sitting during gaming sessions. Very pleased!

good one!

Well, where do I start, I was looking for a comfortable chair due to my back and the stool I was using broke, was looking for the cheapest possible option but for some reason this one stood out. I was amazed that it was actually delivered 3 days earlier than expected, assembly was child's play and it is even more comfortable than my work chair. I think the additional 30 bucks from the best looking cheapest was worth it. It was heavy and bigger than I thought but I guess that is the draw back of buying things online, somethings you should see in person. I have no regret and the quality and design appear to be very good too.