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Boulies Gaming Series Chairs

Support Your Entertaining
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Boulies Gaming Chairs Logos
Boulies Gaming Chairs - Ninja Pro PU White
Boulies gaming chairs artfully incorporate motorsport flair through a dashing combo of two types of leather. With racing-inspired aesthetics at the helm, they are not only trendy but also captivating for each pro gamer. They are spot-on for those with an eye for a stylish and thematic gaming setup.
Supporting multifaceted adjustments, you can tailor the perfect comfy sitting posture for gaming or grafting.
Conforming to your body's contours, it offers a wealth of movement for individuals of all statures and sizes.
Boulies Gaming Chairs - Master Fabric Grey
Boulies Gaming Chair Functions - Recline
Lean back with the recline in max 165 degrees.
Experience comprehensive comfort and support for your back, shoulder and head to enhance the feeling of relief during long-time gaming.
Boulies Gaming Chair Functions - Mechanism
Multi-functional Mechanism
Sitting in an angle that you like or rocking in the chair, the combination of dynamic design and aesthetics adapts to the shape of seating position to offer any considerable comfort.
You can always adjust the knob to customize the level of tension.
Boulies Gaming Chair Functions - Armrest
4D Adjustable Armrests
Adjust in 8 ways to adapt to any seating position you want for effective support for your wrists and elbows.
With a sturdy metal core and soft PU pads, these armrests meld strength and smoothness, ensuring enduring comfort for your elbows.
Boulies Gaming Chair Functions - Bult-in Lumbar Support
Bult-in Lumbar Support
Exclusive to the Master Series.
Achieve enhanced support without the need for a lumbar cushion.
The integrated adjustable lumbar support is deftly crafted to snugly conform to the curve of the lower back.
Simply twiddle the knob to increase or decrease the lumbar support to cater to all your back support requisites.
Utraflex PU
Water Repllent Fabric 2.0
Frame & Foam
Aluminum Base
PU Caster
Gas Lift
For the ultimate gaming chair leather, durability is key, but comfort, softness and smoothness are also paramount.
After exhaustive testing, we crafted our signature Boulies Ultraflex PU leather, infused with sports car-esque microfiber suede.
Through a bespoke dyeing and finishing process, coupled with high-strength fibers, Boulies's new signature fabric excels in durability, strength, and breathability. Additionally, to thwart saturation from liquids like water or juice, a water-repellent coating is applied, lending your space a dash of style and a refreshing ambiance.

*The hydrophobic effect will gradually disappear over time. The degree and speed of the disappearance are related to the method and intensity of use.
We've amalgamated cold-cured foam with an upgraded, reinforced metal frame for added durability. In contrast to other gaming chairs that utilise cut and spliced foam, cold-cured foam is distinctly softer, excels in retaining its shape, and stands up to deformation even after long-term use.
Designed to keep perfectly balanced yet extremely strong and stable, wheelbase use premium metal to bear capacity.
Made to have the minimize abrasion and friction yet friendly to the flooring to develop a quiet working experience.
Engineered for impeccable balance, strength, and stability, the wheelbase employs premium metal to ensure a high load-bearing capacity. Additionally, we've incorporated a heavy-duty gas lift for max series.
Compare & Suggestion
All Boulies gaming chairs boast a core set of features and adjustment capabilities, including recline, 4D armrests, and a multi-functional tilt mechanism. However, each model sports its own nuances, catering to different folks and scenes in which they're to be employed.
Pro gaming style design, inspired by racing car seats. Perfect for adding style to any game space.
Sit Feeling
Seat cushion is a bit firmer than sofa, but softer than master and elite series. Backrest is taller than other series.
Coming with the memory foam lumbar and head pillow, suitable for tall people to get great head support.
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Two sizes for various people: Master and master max. Designed a little more serious than a regular gaming chair so that the master series can be used in different scenes, not just gaming.
Sit Feeling
Master Series chairs provide firmer seat cushion than Ninja Pro for better back support if sitting 8+ hours. Master max's seat cushion is a slightly wider and firmer than master.
Need to sit deeper with built-in lumbar to get full back support when in long-session of use.
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Two sizes for various people: Elite and Elite Max. Inspired by automotive seats, the backrest curve merging ergonomic principles with a sleek aesthetic.
Sit Feeling
Seat cushions are the same as the master series, but the backrest is a slightly slimmer and taller than master series. Equipped with memory foam lumbar and head pillow, can perfectly support the back.
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