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3-level angle backrest recline (100°, 112.5°, 125°)
Tilt position lock
Built-in adjustable lumbar support
Integrated adjustable head support
Seat depth adjustable
Armrest 8 ways adjustable


Upholstery Boulies polymer fabric
Frame Extra Strong Aluminum Frame
Five star foot base Aluminum Base
Foam 100% Cold-cure foam
Tilt mechanism Multi tilt
Casters 6cm PU casters
Hydraulics Class 4 (Top Class)
  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
MICHAEL P (United Kingdom)
Great chair!

After searching for a new chair for quite some time, I finally decided to give this one a try. The chair looks great and with all the adjustable features and it was easy to make comfortable.
The most important aspect of this office chair is lumbar support. Unlike traditional chairs often have uncomfortable lumbar support that digs into my waist, this chair's lumbar support system has been ingeniously designed to provide optimal support exactly where it's needed. The chair flawlessly conforms to the contours of my lower back, offering much-needed relief and support to my waist area. Now I can comfortably sit for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort or strain on my back.
Now I have used the chair for 3 months and I can't fault it. It has become an integral part of my work routine, and I can't imagine going back to my old chair. Great chair!

Rex B. (United Kingdom)
Beautiful chair!!

I recently purchased this chair for my room, and I must say, it has been a game-changer for my work efficiency. As someone who often needs to work overtime at home, finding the chair that enhances my productivity while matching my decor style was crucial. After browsing through various options, I stumbled upon this chair, and it instantly caught my attention.
First and foremost, the delivery was incredibly fast. I received the chair within three days of placing the order, which was a pleasant surprise. Upon unboxing and using it for a month now, I can confidently say that this chair has exceeded my expectations in many ways.
One of the standout features for me is the adjustable seat cushion and lumbar support. I have adjusted the seat cushion forward, allowing me to maintain a comfortable sitting position throughout my work sessions. This has greatly reduced fatigue and discomfort, allowing me to focus on my tasks with improved concentration.
The full backrest and headrest of the chair provide exceptional support, which is particularly beneficial for someone like me who experiences occasional back and neck discomfort.
Beyond the comfort aspect, it's appearance has received compliments from friends and family. I highly recommend this chair. It truly exceeded my expectations, and I am incredibly satisfied with my purchase.

Donna M (United Kingdom)
Great Lumbar Support

The chair is fantastic! I love sitting in the big cushy executive chairs but since I have lower back pain, thought I should get something with lumbar support. I opted for the office chair which combined high quality fabric with the ergonomic support I was needing. Everything is customizable! It's so good! I am glad I did as I see that it will be keeping me comfortable and happy for quite some time!

Ron (United Kingdom)
Happy Choice!

As an interior designer, it's crucial for me to find furniture that not only complements the overall style but also provides exceptional comfort for my clients. After extensive research, I stumbled upon the Boulies Fit Pro office chair, and it turned out to be a fantastic choice for my client's office space.
The chair's appearance truly embodies simplicity and elegance, which impresses me from the first sight. Its clean lines and sleek design seamlessly blend with the office decor, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room.
Moving on to the experience aspect, my client couldn't be happier with the chair's functionality. The adjustment features work normally, allowing easily find the suitable sitting position. But what truly impressed both me and my client was the lumbar support. The chair offers excellent lumbar support, which is crucial for long hours of work. My client has reported a significant reduction in back pain, even after a full day at the office.
Knowing that my client is satisfied with the product I recommended and my design fills me with immense joy. Rest assured, for any future projects that require a similar style, I won't hesitate to recommend this chair again. It's a winning choice that has left a lasting positive impression on my client.

K. Plaskocinski (United Kingdom)
High Quality & Comfort

I purchased this chair to use at my "work from home" desk after my back and butt started to ache on some days from sitting in my kitchen chair for too long. This chair is soooooo comfortable now that I have it assembled. Super comfortable and looks great. The chair is made of good quality material and the firm seat is very comfortable.
The head support and lumbar support of this chair that are at the perfect spots for me. I have been using this chair for about a week or so now and have had no butt, back or neck pain from sitting all day. I love it. Highly recommend!!

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