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perfect balance
work & relaxation

With its dynamic back design, boulies EP400 series automatically adjusts to your body and posture, providing unbeatable spinal support for extended periods of sitting. Furthermore, we also add a footrest to help allow you to take a break and relax whenever you need to, without ever leaving your workspace.
With the boulies EP400 series office chair, you can achieve maximum productivity and relaxation throughout your workday.

Experience unmatched comfort
with dynamic back support

Featured a unique back design, Boulies EP400 series provides customized support and movement based on your individual body and posture.

This innovative design ensures that the chair conforms to the contours of your body, offering dynamic spinal support that adjusts to your movements throughout the day. Whether you're leaning forward to focus on a task or reclining for a quick break, it adapts to your needs for unbeatable comfort and support.

Experience the difference of personalized spinal support with the boulies EP400 series.

Maintain a healthy posture
by adjusting your seat

The boulies EP400 seat depth and height can be easily adjusted to meet your unique body needs, promoting better posture and comfort for extended periods of time.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a chair that's designed to support you throughout the day.

Work and Relaxation
in Perfect Balance with the footrest

Upgrade your workspace today with the boulies EP400 series with footrest. This allows for the perfect balance between work and relaxation, making it easier than ever to take a quick break and recharge.

With the footrest feature, you can stretch out and elevate your feet, promoting better blood circulation and reducing the risk of leg fatigue.

Enjoy comfort in neck support

With its adjustable neck pillow that can be moved up and down and angled to your preference, you can enjoy a great nap or work comfortably for extended periods.

The boulies EP400 chair's neck support design offers customized support that reduces pressure and promotes a healthy and comfortable sitting environment.

Stay cool yet
keep comfortable
upgraded mesh material

Designed for gaining the more comfort and support, this upgraded mesh material undergoes rigorous testing for durability and seam strength to withstand even the most demanding work environments.

Enjoy unrivaled breathability and easy maintenance with the boulies office chair's upgraded mesh material.

Featured components

Aluminum Wheelbase

Focusing on durability and strength for the perfect balance between structural integrity and high-level quality material.

Top class Gas lift

The best class of gas hydraulics, designed to be safer, easier and more efficient than others.

3D soft pods armrests

Soft pods help support your elbows. 6-way adjustable armrests to meet all your needs through working and entertainment.

Product Warranty

2 years limited Warranty
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14 days return
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Product Details


360° swivel
4-level angle backrest recline (95°, 113°, 125°, 135°)
Built-in dynamic lumbar support
Adjustable head support
Seat depth adjustment
Armrest 6 ways adjustable


Upholstery Mesh fabric
Frame Reinforced plastic frame
Five star foot base Aluminum Base
Tilt mechanism Multi tilt
Casters 6cm PU casters
Hydraulics Class 4 (Top Class)
  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Finn Walton (United Kingdom)
Great chair

Easy to set up, and good for back problems

Trevor Lemm (United Kingdom)
Excellent Chair

Our chair arrived within the specified time period. It was well packaged and easy to assemble. I sit at my desk for circa 8 hours a day for my job and is extremely comfortable and a massive improvement on my old chair. So 2 weeks of use in, I would say I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Stephen S (United Kingdom)
Good quality mesh chair

I have been using a Hermon Miller Aeron office chair for over 10 years, and I wanted something similar but for much less money. I also needed a chair with a seat height of ~58cm.
The EP400 looked to met both requirements, and I couldn't find anything else similar online. It was delivered within a few days. The packing did not include any expanded polystyrene, rather cardboard separators and bubble wrap, but was totally adequate. Assembly was easy with useful illustrated instructions. I didn't like the 'footrest' so I removed that with ease, and also the headrest - just down to personal preferences. The low back rest is supportive and the chair is comfortable overall. It's not as comfortable as the Aeron, but you can't expect that for a fifth of the cost.

D J Elliott (United Kingdom)
Simply Fantastic Chair

Comfortable, Practical and most Importantly seats you in the correct DSE Compatible position with NO Back-pain. Brilliant. Thank You!!!

JCD (France)
It's a higher end chair for a lower price.

So is the Boulies EP400 any good? That’s what you really want to know!

The good – Assembling it is relatively easy, it took barely 20 minutes and the instructions are decent, mileage will vary on experience. Its design is reasonably well thought out, for the price it hits all the correct buttons in terms of posture & adjustments. The seat base moves forward/back to accommodate differing thigh lengths, the back reclines comfortably, not as far as a gaming chair but enough. The wheel base is aluminium not cheap plastic. The mesh seats give breathability while still being rather comfortable to sit on & if your posterior does feel cold you can always pop a thin blanket under yourself. It has a headrest which is good for most and adjusts up/down and tilts forward/back. The lumbar support is built into the lower part of the chair so it doesn’t move and the mesh deforms well to create snug comfortable support that works surprisingly well. The arm rests are very adjustable you can adjust them up/down, forward/back and twist them to angle in and out, so fairly adaptable. It has a footrest to kick back, raise the legs and relax to take a few minutes away from the screen. The leg rest looks a little flimsy but to be fair to it so far it has supported my legs fine when used and I’m not a petite flower. The gas lift strut seems fine, smooth enough & no jerky motions or sudden drops.

The niggles – If you are 6ft or over you’re going to find that headrest just a little too low at max extension. I’m 6ft & it only just fits me, I would prefer it perhaps just a fraction higher maybe an inch to be perfect. The arm rests do adjust inward/outward to the sides but only when you are fitting them, they have oval holes for the bolts so you adjust, then tighten the bolts. So if you expand over time you are going to have to loosen the bolts, move them out rather than an adjuster, minor issue. The pads of the armrests are by no means uncomfortable, they are a firm plastic-coated foam, a little softer would have been nice but honestly you barely notice them. It does look plasticky whether this is a negative depends on the person, I have actually come to like the look of it in my office & once my bum is in it I don’t give the looks a second thought. The castors are 5 of your usual basic twin wheel plastic roller variety, I would have preferred to see the roller blade style rubber wheels as they are not expensive these days & would mean even if you use the chair on laminate floor it won’t scratch, the plastic ones can. However, that’s an easy £25 upgrade if you need them.

So, should you buy it?

If you are looking for a good all-round chair, that has a lot of adjustment to help maintain proper posture when sitting at a desk for long times then this is definitely a contender. So far once set up properly so my knees are level with thighs, wrists just below or level with elbows, comfortably upright, I am finding it a rather nice place to be seated. It has an amazing amount of adjustability for the price, yes there are ones out there with even more adjustability but with they come with much higher price tags. This chair fits nicely into the lower/mid-range in terms of cost but in reality when seated in it the the chair feels like a far more expensive seat.

It's very comfortable, it holds my lumbar area nicely, my back doesn’t overheat & sweat, I can sit for a good while before I have to adjust. It offers a lot of chair for not a lot of money, yes you could go to £500 or £1000 but they are never going to be perfect.

No chair is going to master the “you can sit in me all day and not once feel uncomfortable” mantra. The human body does not like being static & seated the pressure on your spine is 150% as oppose to 100% load when standing. The best position is your next position. So when I feel an ache I pop the lever at the side and lean back, or I might kick the leg support up, or I might even just stretch my legs for a minute. Then when I sit back to work or game I’m back to that reassuring comfort.

So In conclusion, I like it! I am comfortable and with lower back issues and rotator cuff injury thats a pretty bold achievement for any chair.

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