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Great Gaming chair!

Very comfy and well made, very happy with it not returning it I’m staying with it because it has everything I want it on a chair! I really recommend this chair to anyone who’s not too heavy and not too tall!

just what i needed to work from home

I was looking for a chair that was adjustable, had a solid head-rest and enough adjustment in the lumbar support to help me last a whole day at "work" . Took a bit of a gamble with this one, but i do not regret it at all. great chair and ticks all the boxes. I would recommend getting a footrest as well for even better posture.

Boulies Master (black)

Finally broke down and bought my first gaming chair, i was nervous as i had never heard of Boulies before honestly, theres not many good video reviews on them but i took the plunge to see for myself and i must say i am glad that i did. i bought myself the black master series and can say the quality is spot on. My honest review goes as followed.
Easy to assemble, didn't even need instructions.
Comfy for bigger fellas' (6'2 and 265 pounds).
Recline feature is adjustable (like a car seat but can go further, trust me its almost scary)
Metal base
Wheels feel durable/heavy duty.
Good bang for the buck.
I game 12+hours easily in this chair.
A recommended purchase if you're tired of your butt falling asleep!

the bars to raise/lower and lock recline seem like they are of cheap/bad design because while you sit on the chair and reach down to raise or lower them they sorta bend, maybe a lever style or button, something would be better instead of paddles on the end of a bar.

Could use a bit bigger of a pillow as it actually has no use but looks with proper posture.

the arm rests could be a bit less wobbly but it is understandable with all the features they have.
This will conclude my honest review after 1 week of ownership of the Boulies Master series chair.

-Steven E.


Smart chair. Good price, not over branded like a lot of others. 👍

Great product

After trying quite a few different ones, I have finally found my chair. It is also great for lower back pain, all gone now :)