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    Ninja Series / Carbon Black
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    24 Monthes
    Recommend Height: 168 cm ~ 196 cm. Weight: Less than 130 KGs (290 lbs).

    Gaming like a pro.

    Ninjia series is especially designed for gamer, has a sharper shape but still under the boulies style. The ninjia series has a variety of adjustment options to perfectly support the sitting posture of different people when gaming or working, with velour lumbar pillow and head pillow, it’s the chair for pro gaming.


    Boulies R3 PU leather

    Our signature R3 leather is different from ordinary manufacturers. With exclusive processing technology, the R3 PU leather is tested to be high wear-resistant, stain-resistant and water-resistant, yet still soft, flexible and smooth.

    Velour memory foam pillows

    Our chair come packaged with head and lumbar pillows, they are specially-designed covered with a luxurious velvet velour. The overstuffed neck/head pillow used a high quality synthetic padding which allows you to sink in, while still providing just the right amount of support, and the lumbar pillow which made of memory foam is more contoured and shaped to perfectly support the arch of your spine while sitting in the chair.

    Multi-Functional Tilt Lock Mechanism

    The multi-functional tilt mechanism has two control levers with 5 Tilt Locking positions, rocking and Adjustable Height, gives you full control over the suspension of the chair. The chair can be locked while in a tilt position, or even be tilted backwards in an upright position.

    Aluminium five star base

    Our aluminium bases provide both impeccable stability and strength. We utilize a special aluminium mix, making it very strong and immune to corrosion and rust, and reinforced it with ribs and gussets to amplify strength while reducing weight.

    4D Adjustable Armrests

    When it comes to ergonomics, we don't stop at the outline of the chair. Our armrests are designed to be extremely comfortable and adjustable.
    Left, right, angled left, angled right, front, backwards, up, down — there will be a configuration that suits your preference.
    We have also coated the armrest with PU that is soft to touch yet retains the finishing properties required for a good grip.

    Class 4 hydraulic pistons

    The class 4 system is the highest class available, designed specifically for heavy usage. Many of the noname brands cut costs by using class 2 gas cylinders with their chairs. The gas cylinder takes the most abuse on your chair and if you want the chair to last then you need to make sure it's class 4.

    P.U. Casters

    Our chairs are equipped with durable PU rubber wheels that ensures smooth movement in all directions and are friendly towards most kinds of floor surfaces.

    Product Details


    360° swivel
    Seat heaght adjuastable
    Full-length backrest recline
    15 degree rocking
    Tilt position lock
    Armrest 8 ways adjustable


    Upholstery Boulies R3 PU leather
    Frame Extra Strong Steel Frame
    Five star foot base Aluminium Base
    Foam 100% Cold-cure foam
    Tilt mechanism Multi tilt
    Casters 6cm PU casters
    Hydraulics Class 4 (Top Class)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    Let it be known, this is my first gaming chair and thus I have no clue about any competitors such as DXRacer and SecretLab and the like. However, I have had some crappy Amazon chairs that break and such.

    One thing that needs to be said about this chair is that it is not generic, most of the ones that you see on Amazon are all made from the same factory in China just without branding or with a stamped logo. I believe that this chair is not made like this as it is made with a special design, similar to those used of the more expensive SecretLab chairs but still independent.

    I am not a DIY person at all, however, this product is relatively easy to assemble. Before you install, make sure to remove the pre installed screws on the side of the base of the chair, as well as the underside of the base of the chair. One thing that I did not like about this however, was that the instructions were a little vague and there was not really an installation video to find. I am sure a more DIY minded person could do it quicker, but I thought it was lacking a little detail but it was all in English and no spelling mistakes, another more personal thing you will get from Boulies. Installation took me and my father like an hour and a half as we are not DIY minded, but Amazon also has a service which gives you expert assembly for £30 so that is also an option.

    As I said before, I have not really tried other gaming chairs and thus I cannot really compare them. One thing that I can see though, is that the design of the chair is quite similar to those of SecretLabs which another commenter has touched upon. The design and the comfortability of the chair is quite acceptable to me and I am pleased with the reclinability and the various pillows. There is a lumbar and head pillow which are shown in my photographs and they are made of a nice comfy material which is Velour.

    What the Ninjia is like

    You get what you paid for which is unbelievable and phenomenal in comfort. High quality leather and materials used. Sleek colour. Soft head/neck pillow.
    The way they oriented the screws were tight so it took me a while to set it all up. The instructions were very small printed so it added struggle. Somehow, there was oil secreted outside some parts like the lever for the seat height adjustment.

    Thank you for your feedback, we will keep improve our product. If you need any help from us, please drop us an email to service@boulies.com.
    Great chair but...

    The chair is great, it’s sturdy, it’s comfortable but... the handles for the levers under the chair are appalling.
    They are flimsy and each time I use them the plastic inside churns up a little bit more. I’ve seen it mentioned before and something should have been done about it as it’s literally all that stops it from being fantastic. I’ll have to contact support for replacement handles soon as even though the chair has only been together a week, they will be useless very shortly as the plastic that grips them will be gone.

    Hey Karl, Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to know that your control levers have this issue, our expert have send an email to you to help you solve this issue.
    Very please with the purchase. 10/10

    The chair has surpassed my expectations and I'm completely satisfied with the money spent. I was at first apprehensive about spending so much money but back and wrist pain meant I had to sort out a better seat. I spend hours at the computer each working, studying and playing games so we will see how I get on in a few months.

    Item came in a large box, very heavy and so you would likely need two people to move it comfortably. Very well packaged with a quality control sticker (meaning it had been opened, inspected and then repackaged). Nothing missing, just be aware some of the screws are already fixed to the chair and will need to be removed prior to building it, I assume this is to stop the material slipping away from the holes during transit.

    Quality of materials is excellent. The tilt mechanism, base and hydraulics are clearly made to last.
    Incredibly comfortable (cannot express this enough, at least compared to my cheaper previous chair). The quality of the materials, foam etc it outstanding, and the base of the seat is designed to give a little at the bottom, so there is some extra "suspension" in the form of belts under the seat.
    Massive range of tilt/lean/arm rest adjustment to suit most.
    Looks incredible.
    Fits perfectly (I am 5, 11" and of slim build). I think the recommended weight/height range on the chair match it well.

    Little difficult to setup alone, but help would make it much easier. Despite saying this, unless the chair is delivered pre-built, the company would be hard pressed to make it any easier to set up, it is just the nature of ordering and self building a computer chair.
    When attaching the back to the seat, it felt as though the material might get damaged against the metal attachments. Just go easy on it and you'll be fine. Again, this would be far easier with someone holding one side so it doesn't slip. Make sure you insert it as the instructions say.

    A chair worthy of the price tag.

    I was unsure about spending such money on a chair but can gladly say I am happy I did. The chair is easy to assemble and top quality built, lovely material and very comfortable too. After a month of daily use there is still no squeaks or issues. I would highly recommend this chair for those who are looking.

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