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    Ninja Series / Carbon Black

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    24 Monthes
    Recommend Height: 5'6" ~ 6'7". Weight: less than 260 LB.

    Gaming like a pro.

    Ninjia series is especially designed for gamer, has a sharper shape but still under the boulies style. The ninjia series has a variety of adjustment options to perfectly support the sitting posture of different people when gaming or working, with velour lumbar pillow and head pillow, it’s the chair for pro gaming.


    Boulies R3 PU leather

    Our signature R3 leather is different from ordinary manufacturers. With exclusive processing technology, the R3 PU leather is tested to be high wear-resistant, stain-resistant and water-resistant, yet still soft, flexible and smooth.

    Velour memory foam pillows

    Our chair come packaged with head and lumbar pillows, they are specially-designed covered with a luxurious velvet velour. The overstuffed neck/head pillow used a high quality synthetic padding which allows you to sink in, while still providing just the right amount of support, and the lumbar pillow which made of memory foam is more contoured and shaped to perfectly support the arch of your spine while sitting in the chair.

    Multi-Functional Tilt Lock Mechanism

    The multi-functional tilt mechanism has two control levers with 5 Tilt Locking positions, rocking and Adjustable Height, gives you full control over the suspension of the chair. The chair can be locked while in a tilt position, or even be tilted backwards in an upright position.

    Aluminium five star base

    Our aluminium bases provide both impeccable stability and strength. We utilize a special aluminium mix, making it very strong and immune to corrosion and rust, and reinforced it with ribs and gussets to amplify strength while reducing weight.

    4D Adjustable Armrests

    When it comes to ergonomics, we don't stop at the outline of the chair. Our armrests are designed to be extremely comfortable and adjustable.
    Left, right, angled left, angled right, front, backwards, up, down — there will be a configuration that suits your preference.
    We have also coated the armrest with PU that is soft to touch yet retains the finishing properties required for a good grip.

    Class 4 hydraulic pistons

    The class 4 system is the highest class available, designed specifically for heavy usage. Many of the noname brands cut costs by using class 2 gas cylinders with their chairs. The gas cylinder takes the most abuse on your chair and if you want the chair to last then you need to make sure it's class 4.

    P.U. Casters

    Our chairs are equipped with durable PU rubber wheels that ensures smooth movement in all directions and are friendly towards most kinds of floor surfaces.

    Product Details


    360° swivel
    Seat heaght adjuastable
    Full-length backrest recline
    15 degree rocking
    Tilt position lock
    Armrest 8 ways adjustable


    Upholstery Boulies R3 PU leather
    Frame Extra Strong Steel Frame
    Five star foot base Aluminium Base
    Foam 100% Cold-cure foam
    Tilt mechanism Multi tilt
    Casters 6cm PU casters
    Hydraulics Class 4 (Top Class)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    love this chair

    here are some of the points I like about the chair.
    - It's looks - that gaming/bucket seat style with leather and accent stitching certainly makes it look the part.
    - The pillow's that come with the chair are very high quality and offer a lot more comfort than you'd imagine
    - Suitable for taller gamers
    - Great adjustable arm wrests, several ranges of motion allow you to move the arms to a position you prefer - Also these wrests are padded... 

    Highly recommend - Excellent gamer chair

    Here are a few days now that I use this gaming/office chair and I find it perfect for me.

    I spend a lot of time in my chair playing games. I had a really cheap office chair and felt uncomfortable after more than an hour or two. This racer style chair is much more ergonomic than your standard desk and offers many settings to meet your needs. It is firm and comfortable. I was expecting a quality chair, and it's a chair burrow that reached me. Because at this level, it is indeed an incomparable comfort. Everything is there: quality of materials, aesthetics, ergonomics. It is suitable for large size (I am one) and small (my son). And with use, glutes, back and neck say "thank you! ". No more stiff neck and lumbar loose, It supports you in the right places, it supports my neck very well when I put my head back ...

    In conclusion: very good product!


    Good quality and easy to install. It a super comfortable chair.

    Fantastic chair for a big guy!

    Really good chair - Have been doing my research for weeks to finally come to the decision of buying the Ninja series. I used to have a John Lewis office chair (bought back in 2010 for £300 which eventually gave up - uncomfortable etc) - It's clear that chair design has seriously improved since then as this chair is so comfortable, you could quite literally sleep in it. The back support is great and head rest cushion makes sitting back in the chair real nice.

    Measurements from armest to armest actually measures in at 69cm (even when the arm rests are screwed in an inwards direction). It does fit under an IKEA Desk Micke (for anyone else who uses this desk).

    I'm 6ft 3 and around 100kg and this chair works perfectly for me - thanks again Boulies for the discount code / offer!

    Best bang for your buck, get one you won't regret it

    What a chair this is! I was looking at high end gaming chairs like noble and secretlab then stumbled across this one, after doing my research I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go and wow what a chair. It's super comfy, if your looking for something you sink into then maybe not the chair for you but it's firm and comfy foam is perfect, add the memory foam back cushion and it's a great seat for all day sitting.

    The build quality is top notch and a breeze to assemble.

    This chair looks stunning and even my other half agrees compared to the other wild colourful chairs that other manufacturers seem to be churning out.

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